Work as Environmental Coordinator, The Ocean Cleanup (2021)

environmental coordinator

Work as Environmental Coordinator, The Ocean Cleanup (2021)

Environmental coordinator at The Ocean Cleanup will manage environmental data, coordinate environmental and social assessments and…

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antarctic ice

Antarctic marine life helps solve CO2 puzzle from ice ages

Recent discovery in the Antarctic has provided insights to a geological puzzle, as to why a…

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DNA Easter island

DNA shows South Americans inhabited Polynesia 800 years ago

DNA analysis of Polynesians and Native South Americans has revealed the origin of Polynesians, along with…

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Researchers concerned about airborne COVID-19 transmission

Over 200 researchers have published a commentary in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases supporting the idea…

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ochre mine

12,000 years old ochre mine discovered in an underwater cave

An ochre mine dating back to 12,000 years was discovered by archaeologists in an underwater cave,…

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gas giant core

Unusual discovery of a planet may be the core of a gas giant

The remnant core of a gas giant has been discovered orbiting a distant star offering a…

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dinosaur egg fossil

Earliest dinosaur eggs were soft-shelled, new study reveals

A recent study on fossilized embryos from two different types of dinosaurs reveal that the earliest…

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European groundwater supply threatened by droughts in 2020

Drought like conditions, rainfall deficits, heat waves, and increased evaporation have depleted some of central and…

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bow & arrow

48,000 years old bow and arrow weapons found outside Africa

Archaeologists have discovered the earliest evidence for the use of bow & arrow technology, and perhaps…

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Lockdowns stopped more than 500 million COVID-19 infections

Lockdown measures due to COVID-19 pandemic in 6 major countries have substantially slowed the spread of…

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