antarctic ice

Antarctic marine life helps solve CO2 puzzle from ice ages

Recent discovery in the Antarctic has provided insights to a geological puzzle, as to why a…

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gas giant core

Unusual discovery of a planet may be the core of a gas giant

The remnant core of a gas giant has been discovered orbiting a distant star offering a…

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dinosaur egg fossil

Earliest dinosaur eggs were soft-shelled, new study reveals

A recent study on fossilized embryos from two different types of dinosaurs reveal that the earliest…

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11 billion years old rare ring galaxy – Cosmic Ring of Fire

Astronomers have captured an image of a rare type of ring galaxy that existed 11 billion…

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coronavirus lockdown earth

Coronavirus lockdowns have reduced the Earth’s vibrations

Coronavirus lockdowns around the globe have decreased the amount of seismic noise in Earth's crust, according…

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earth days

Ancient shells reveal Earth days were shorter 70 million years ago

Study on fossil mollusk shells show that in the Cretaceous Age, our planet rotated faster, as…

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Geophysicists develop theory to decipher destructive earthquakes

Geophysicists from Brown University propose a new theory that could decipher destructive earthquake frequencies while challenging…

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organic molecules on mars

Organic molecules on Mars could uncover signs of ancient life

Organic molecules on Mars known as thiophenes are also available on Earth. Astrobiologists believe these organics…

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Earth model

New Earth Model E3SM: decoding climate dynamics & change

Earth Model (E3SM) developed by DOE climate scientists helps in decoding climate dynamics and predicts future…

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Climate Change and Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria and Climate change – world’s largest tropical lake

A recent study reveals that climate change could cause Lake Victoria (located in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania)…

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