The unbelievable comeback of UK’s cranes in 400 years

UK's cranes disappeared in 1600s due to hunting and wetland decline but after 400 years they…

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agave plant

Study reveals great bioenergy potential for Agave plant

Agave plants are the main ingredient of tequila & agave syrup. A recent study suggests that…

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Viking burial site

Violent storms unearth 1,500 years old Viking burial site

Storms have caused flooding and erosion along coastal regions in Scotland, revealing skeletons from a 1,500-year-old…

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Dramatic effect of Coronavirus quarantine on air quality of China

NASA scientists revealed satellite images that showed air quality trends in several regions of China. A…

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Climate Change and plants

Plants to utilize more water than humans due to Climate Change

Climate change could drive plants in (North, Central, South) America, and Europe, to consume more water,…

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