A strange small-scale rock art discovery surprises Archaeologists

rock art

A strange small-scale rock art discovery surprises Archaeologists

In Australia, a recent archaeological discovery revealed unique assemblage of small-scale rock art, raising questions about…

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11 billion years old rare ring galaxy – Cosmic Ring of Fire

Astronomers have captured an image of a rare type of ring galaxy that existed 11 billion…

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UBC medical mask

Researchers create biodegradable medical masks for COVID-19

Researchers from the University of British Colombia, Canada create biodegradable medical masks to boost medical supply…

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arctic sea ice

New study predicts Arctic “sea ice” will disappear by 2050

Latest simulations predict that sea ice in the Arctic region will disappear in the summers by…

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plastic waste mask

Coronavirus plastic waste a new menace for the environment

Plastic waste related to Coronavirus has sparked a new threat to the natural environment in recent…

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The unbelievable comeback of UK’s cranes in 400 years

UK's cranes disappeared in 1600s due to hunting and wetland decline but after 400 years they…

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agave plant

Study reveals great bioenergy potential for Agave plant

Agave plants are the main ingredient of tequila & agave syrup. A recent study suggests that…

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coronavirus lockdown earth

Coronavirus lockdowns have reduced the Earth’s vibrations

Coronavirus lockdowns around the globe have decreased the amount of seismic noise in Earth's crust, according…

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planet ceres

A strange dwarf planet Ceres & its astrobiological significance

A dwarf planet CERES is known to be the most water-rich body in our inner solar…

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earth days

Ancient shells reveal Earth days were shorter 70 million years ago

Study on fossil mollusk shells show that in the Cretaceous Age, our planet rotated faster, as…

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