antarctic ice

Antarctic marine life helps solve CO2 puzzle from ice ages

Recent discovery in the Antarctic has provided insights to a geological puzzle, as to why a…

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European groundwater supply threatened by droughts in 2020

Drought like conditions, rainfall deficits, heat waves, and increased evaporation have depleted some of central and…

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arctic sea ice

New study predicts Arctic “sea ice” will disappear by 2050

Latest simulations predict that sea ice in the Arctic region will disappear in the summers by…

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Earth model

New Earth Model E3SM: decoding climate dynamics & change

Earth Model (E3SM) developed by DOE climate scientists helps in decoding climate dynamics and predicts future…

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Climate Change and plants

Plants to utilize more water than humans due to Climate Change

Climate change could drive plants in (North, Central, South) America, and Europe, to consume more water,…

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Climate Change and Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria and Climate change – world’s largest tropical lake

A recent study reveals that climate change could cause Lake Victoria (located in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania)…

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