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Geoscience Daily invites prospective authors who are enthusiastic about science communication and writing. Whether you are a student, research scientist or an academician, Geoscience Daily welcomes you to submit your news/stories and contribute to our website. We aim to promote scientific literature in an interesting and comprehensible manner to students, researchers, and the general public.

Please read the following guidelines carefully before article submission:

1) Article length must be between 1000 – 3500 words submitted in MS Word format.

2) Content must be comprehensible, unique and should have never been published anywhere else.

3) The article must well-structured, properly formatted, written in concise and grammatically correct English language.

4) Please include a short (one or two) sentence biography and provide a URL (no hyperlinks) for your social media account(s) and your personal blog (if available).

5) Your author bio and URL links cannot promote any objectionable material (which includes but is not limited to) pornography, pseudoscience, conspiracy theories, racism, criminal or drug activities, malicious code, political or religious extremism, product/service promotion, etc.

6) Provide proper references (with URLs) to all the sources mentioned/used in your news article/story.

7) Use Image(s) in your article only if you own and have the right to use them (personal photography or images acquired from your own thesis/research article). Otherwise (if needed), we will select relevant public domain or CC licensed images for your article. 

8) By submitting your article, you agree that Geoscience Daily has the right to edit and make changes to your text before final publication.

What topics do we accept on Geoscience Daily?

EARTH & SPACE, topics related to; Atmosphere, Biosphere, Cryosphere, Geosphere, Hydrosphere, Pedosphere, Geomatics, Planetary science.

ENVIRONMENT & SOCIETY, topics related to; Climate, Ecology, Archaeology, Anthropology, Hazards/Disasters, Waste management, Geography (Human and Integrated), Energy (bio, fossil fuel, geothermal, hydro, marine, solar, wind), Health (Medical geology, Environmental health/safety/toxicology/epidemiology), History (History of Geoscience related disciplines, Natural/Environmental history), Pollution (Air, Light, Noise, Plastic, Soil, Solid waste, Radioactive, Thermal. Visual, Water), Environmental Studies (economics, law, planning, policy, politics, psychology and sociology), Philosophy (Philosophy of Geosciences, Environmental philosophy, Geoethics/Space ethics/Environmental ethics).

If you are interested in publishing your news article, story or research findings with Geoscience Daily, please send us an email on editor@geosciencedaily@.com